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luv me some vain neutral evil characters

elementnumber46 asked: How about Lilliana?

pansexual and into whatever cute and sentient thing catches her eye. And by that I mean she’s several centuries old only going after basic humans/elves probably gets a little dry. order from a different menu.

genderwise I feel she’s not totally a chick but also she’s super into the femme fatale thing. I mean she cut her soul in four and sold each piece off for eternal youth and life like. She’s gonna work what she has.

romance wise *Oh No by Marina and the Diamonds plays loudly over the sounds of hedonism and people screaming*

Anonymous asked: Ӝ Usagi

she’s cis, she’s bi, but also bi in like that one story with the grandma being all “we all look at girl’s butts” “no we don’t” “maybe I’m a little gay whoops” kinda way. if it weren’t for the whole cross-reincarnation destined love moon princess thing she would probably date her way through the Inners

— put a Ӝ and a character in my askbox and i’ll tell you my gender/sexuality/romantic alignment headcanons for them

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im not totally sure if i meant that last post as a serious thing or as a sort of joke. im mostly just tired and frustrated and want to not have to rely on my family more than I need to. and if I cant find place to move into for august then im gonna need stay with cousins or some shit until a september move in

Single non smoker no pets queer kid seeks room for rent for August at 650$ or less a month, preferably with easy and quick access to the Toronto Subway.

someone toss me a bone


the one cool thing about this site is that when im spending hours talking to my friends, i completely forget straight people exist. its like. what are those lmao…

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— if u had a time machine, how quickly would you put h.p. lovecraft into a headlock and start delivering body blows, repeatedly telling him in a mocking voice “stop hitting yourself”

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trying to comfort friends like