Beastly Gimmick

— Tutustuck, now with Even More Drosselmeyer interference!

So, one of the things that strikes me the most about Princess Tutu is the dual natures all the main cast has. This influenced the weird Dual Classpect nature of this session that I’m gonna blame Drosselmeyer for cause lets be honest he’s a great excuse for fucking with shit.

How this works is that each of the main four have their false classpect caused by Drosselmeyer’s interference, along with their true session classpect which is kinda repressed due to Drosselbutt. The division between true and false amounts to most of the story vs the finale where they all grow into themselves

Also if you care spoilers I guess???

True Classpect: Ahiru, Page of Hope, she who delivers Hope to others. She’s the big buoy of the series and we all know how that ends and works out.

False Classpect: Princess Tutu, Sylph of Heart, she who heals and heals with Heart. Yeah it’s really literal but this is based on a fairy tale setting and the main character is named Duck. Deal with it for the rest of this please. The role and quest of Tutu is designed to distract Ahiru from realizing her true and very powerful potential that would/will fuck up all of Drosselmeyer’s plans

True Classpect: Prince Siegfried, Knight of Life, he who defends others and his aspect in others using Life. Bound and determined to save everyone and everything good, with flowers blooming at his command. That seems pretty Lifey to me.

False Classpect: Prince Mytho, Heir of Void, he who embodies Void. An active class for someone incapable of comprehending others emotions and motivations. He is and is easily influenced by nasty things that lurk about their session. In this case a modified Raven consort set.

True Classpect: Rue, Seer of Time, she who perceives the future through Time to lead her party. Rue properly realizes she is Rue during the story windback and as such allows her to save the prince. Another thing Drosselmeyer wants to suppress  as he may be powerful, but his domain is Space, not time, and therefore can be seen in full by her

False Classpect: Princess Kraehe, Witch of Blood, she who manipulates Blood to her desires. Creepy consort meat puppets + Mytho fuckery at the behest of her consort, the Talkative Raven consort.

True Classpect: Bloodline of Drosselmeyer Fakir, Mage of Space, he who works with Space to achieve his goals. Effectively a lesser version of Drosselmeyer’s powerset, and very new, he suffers through Sollux’s Doom  Mage issues of over-aware and under powered to do something about it for most of his awakened time.

False Classpect: Knight Reincarnate Fakir, Knight of Light, he who uses the Light of understanding to defend others. He knows what is and how things should stay and is such a poor failure at this. But this role plus his personality does a good job of distracting and suppressing others from proper realization. 

The quests are both the proper Skaian ones, but Drosselmeyer has put in place flashier and more straight forward quests that play to the false aspects. Rue’s Denizen is a very talkative Raven monster, whereas Mytho gets a very aggressive one. Ahiru gets a strange double bodied Pike/Lilie who is just as loud and awful. Fakir gets that asshole from the library I don’t remember his name and I don’t feel like looking it up.

Drosselmeyer is a Lord of Space, manipulating the now to have fun in the tears of the future. Edel amounts to Doc Scratch in this case. I really don’r know about Uzura though. At some point during the prototypings Edel sneaks some Raven Denizen bits into the kernsprites and thus the Denizens/Black Court are very much in cahoots. The White Court is rendered even more useless than normal. There is some Denizen/Black Court Hivemind stuff happening. 

Of note is that the late series corruption of Mytho serves as the obligate session alt mode, cause I want him to be a prince of Doom for a little and fuck everything up for a bit. 

I think that’s everything and I don’t feel like minutia of sessions.